Park Needs

Montgomery County’s Parks…a great investment!

Montgomery County’s parks, natural resources, farmlands, and heritage conservation initiatives have always been a high priority for its citizens. Conservation of these open space resources has contributed substantially to the quality of life and community character that support the County’s economic well-being.

Well-maintained and well-used parks are essential characteristics of a healthy and vital community. Montgomery County’s 30,500 acres of parkland include 382 park and open space locations used by millions of visitors throughout the year. On-going projects to extend or enhance our community’s parks are always underway so that future needs will be met.

Funding for parks and open space, even in relatively prosperous Montgomery County, is not always adequate. Park budgets face tough competition from schools, transportation, fire and police protection and other community necessities. The escalating value of real estate, and the cost of its upkeep, make it increasingly more difficult to accomplish all that needs to be done.

Parks need friends! You can provide vital support to Montgomery County’s park and open space preservation work in a variety of ways. Bequests, gifts of property, memorial contributions, donation of park amenities, and even the gift of your volunteer time and talent can make a huge difference. Your good stewardship of our cherished parks will leave a lasting legacy for Montgomery County and its citizens.

How You Can Help

There are many different ways you can support your favorite park, park resource, or program. Here are but a few…

Park Trees lend a beautiful focus to the landscape while providing both people and wildlife with valuable products for life.  Landscape-size shade, evergreen, and flowering trees may be donated in memory or honor of a friend or relative, or simply in the donor’s name.

All donated trees are planted between October and April and provided with aftercare and a two year guarantee.  The cost of a planted tree is re-figured annually.  For current prices, and a brochure, telephone the Parks Foundation office at (301) 767-0002.

In addition to individual trees, donors can contribute to the Parks Foundation’s Reforestation Fund.  This fund augments public support of reforestation and environment education programs throughout the county’s park system

Park Benches are needed in most county parks.  The Parks Foundation staff can assist you in planning your bench gift, including the choice of styles, site location, and plaque design.  Benches may be donated throughout the year, but allow several months for installation.

Playground Equipment, and entire playground areas, may be donated to your local or neighborhood park, but restrictions do apply.  In an effort to maintain common standard among playground throughout the county’s park system, caps are placed on the amount a community group or individual can contribute.  Also, the number of playground renovations possible each year is limited, so scheduling requirements must be met.  The Parks Foundation staff can guide you through the process and assist you with your fundraising efforts.

Other Park facilities such as comfort stations, indoor sports recreation buildings, visitor centers, exhibit halls, restoration of historic buildings, carousels, ball fields, etc. These items often involve naming rights or prominent recognition at the site.

Parkland and Open Space donations or discounted sales, and the donation of easements, play a key role in acquiring adequate parkland for future generations of Montgomery County citizens. Naming rights would certainly apply.

Park programs such as nature camps, home gardening seminars, art exhibits, The First Tee Montgomery (a program that introduces disadvantaged kids to the game of golf), internships in historic preservation and interpretation, Black History month, Friends Group special events, and even park dedication ceremonies need underwriting sponsors. These programs provide a great opportunity for local businesses and service clubs.

Your volunteer time to clean a stream, mulch a trail, assist with a park dedication or park special event, plant gardens and trees, restore a historic house, etc. Some parks even have Friends Groups where you can join others with similar interests. Telephone the Department of Park and Planning’s Volunteer Coordinator for more information, (301) 495-2504.